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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Peninsular Warriors 3 - Warrior Miniatures 25mm Napoleonic French Voltigeurs

I bought these figures unpainted on ebay for £2 - they needed a good home. I am pleased with the way they look after a spot of paint has been applied. The ebay lot included four Hinchliffe French and a Warrior Cuirassier. The mounted general in the picture is from my original 1980s collection:


  1. These have a great deal of appeal actually. I've known about Warrior since my beginnings in the hobby, but have never seen any of their Napoleonics in the flesh as it were.

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  2. I think a big part of anyone's wargaming is the aesthetics of the thing - what appeals to you and how you want things to look. Warrior Napoleonics are so distinctive that personally I don't find they go with other 25mm figures and I don't think I could cope with two armies all in that pose. Stylised can be good - I am quite fond of Rose 20mm Napoleonics for that reason, and I feel they mix much better with eg Hinton Hunt and Minifigs 20mm/Alberken, also I probably could cope with armies of the things. So if I say for those that like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like I am not doing them down, just saying I don't share this particular aesthetic. And of course painting makes a tremendous difference.

    1. I think Vintage Wargaming makes a very fair point, in that these Warrior figures do have a very distinctive style and I fully agree that they do not blend in well with other brands of 'old school' figures. This is probably why my Warrior Napoleonic have sat in their box unused since I painted them in the 1980s.

      My preferred manufacturer for the Napoleonic period would be Minifigs S Range, which make up the bulk of my 1815 era armies. This is why I have used my old Warrior figures in a stand alone period, namely the Peninsular War.

      I saw pictures of an old school wargame which used a Napoleonic Russian army versus a French allied force made entirely from Warrior figures, which gave me the incentive to dig out my old Warrior figures and to acquire the Spanish.