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Monday, 18 September 2017

Peninsular Warriors 2 - Warrior Miniatures Spanish Napoleonics

Following on from my earlier post here are the other spanish troops:

Line infantry in the later blue uniform: 

Spanish Militia - Regiment Muerte:

Another line infantry regiment in bicornes:
The Spanish army so far:


  1. I may not comment often, but I do like the look of these figures - a definite 'play with us' appeal. Keep 'em coming. I imagine their battles would be fine spectacles, and all...

  2. I see from a comment on an earlier posting that these are Warrior figires. I ought to have recognised them! I have some Warrior Austrians. Although they are cute figures, I agree with the remark that they don't really 'go' with other manufactures. However, in my army they form a nice little formation of their own...

    1. Yes Mr Piccolo, it is actually partly your fault that I have gone down the Warrior Miniatures road. I saw your post with the Austrians in action; as this is one of just a handful of blogs on the internet which shows pictures of Warrior Napoleonics. The other site is here:

      Both battles gave me the push that I needed to get these figures out and do something with them.

    2. I look deep into my heart and feel... no remorse whatever. I'm glad to see these guys out in the fresh air. They really do look splendid. My one real caveat about Warrior figures is they are so... delicate!