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Saturday, 17 December 2016

French Grenadier Guards

These figures are another of my ebay finds.  I have done little to them apart from painting their bases and mounting them on new stands. I think that they are actually Franco Prussian War types, but look OK serving in the Crimea.

The command stand figures are all painted by me and wear bearskins rather than the undress hat worn by the others.


  1. Smart looking unit , a good find ! , Tony

  2. As fine a body of men as one could wish for. I'm fudging things a trifle. If I ever need IG for the Crimea I'm going to sub in my Napoleonic Chasseurs in winter dress.

    1. Napoleonic troops in winter dress would work, especially if they are wearing trousers.
      Thanks all for your kind comments.
      I have a heap of other Minifigs S Range French FPW troops, but I have not been able to find suitable command elements, particularly drummers and standard bearers - I continue to look.