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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Sardinian Bersagleri - Light Infantry

These troops were purchased ages ago. They were placed in the priority for painting box that got covered over with other priority for painting boxes, merged with other priority boxes until I could not find them. A week or so ago, while looking for another top priority painting subject I stumbled across them again.

These delightful figures are produced by Old John in what he describes as the Hinton Hunt style, as were the French guards painted further back in this blog.  They are very well detailed and are a joy to paint with crisp well defined detail.

According to my sources the Sardinian contingent consisted of 15,000 men, of two divisions of four regiments each.  There were reportedly five battalions of Bersagleri, all dressed in the distinctive broad brimmed hat, and were armed with rifles. Numerous contemporary pictures show the Bersagleri marching at double time with rifles at the trail - as depicted by these figures:


  1. Great looking figures and the rules are simple as can be. I noticed that your basing makes a simple conversion to my own set of rules For Queen and Planet. Slightly more complex, but perhaps of interest/

  2. Beautiful figures!

    Best Regards,


  3. You're reminding me of some Waterloo1815 bersaglieri that I have squirrelsd away.

    Lovely work. Are you building a full Sardinian army?

    1. I don't know about a full army, but certainly a couple of line battalions and maybe some cavalry. I know Old John is working on spreading the evil influence, beavering away in his workshop. I am working on some S Range Russians at the moment.

  4. Beautifully painted figures, glad you finally found them:-)) and Yes!!! i'm "beavering away" with some more Crimean figures inc SARDINIANS, the cavalry & line infantry should be available very shortly YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!
    cheers Old John aka The Evil Influence