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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Turkish Artillery Strelets

The final Turkish artillery unit is finished - this time from Strelets. Not really Crimean figures, these are from the Russo Turkish war series, but they look the part and will do nicely. I replaced the guns with some Napoleonic muzzle loaders:

Meanwhile the British senior staff take tea and have their picture taken..............


  1. Brilliant stuff - why didn't I think of that!?!?

    They look excellent. I have some Minifig turkish gunners and to be honest, they're awful figures, but I was going to use them because there was nothing else available. I think I may be investing in some Strelets lads.

    Lovely work by the way. I particularly like the portrait group.

  2. Excellent job, love the idea of th 'tea party'...

  3. Actually, where did you get your artillerymen? I ask, as I can't find them on harfields or models2u, my usual ports of call.

    1. Thanks for all the kind comments. As with most of my Strelets figures I tend to find them on Ebay, which is where these fins Turks came from. Take a look at Hagen Miniatures - they do some excellent 20mm metal figures, although I have never managed to order any as I have problems working the website.