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Friday 2 May 2014

Scruby - British Staff Officer

I used the Scruby General officer figure to represent General Scarlett earlier this year. Over the last couple of days I have been painting a second figure to represent a British staff officer. He will act as an aide on the battlefield.

Although a very nicely moulded figure the Scruby offering is incorrect for the Crimean war. The problem lies with the plume on the high cocked hat and the shoulder accoutrements. General officers wore feathers on their head dress, although it seems that actually in the field all of the decorative items were removed. The Scruby figure correctly has the officer wearing the long double breasted frock coat, but this would not be worn with all of the gold shoulder decoration, this being normal for the full dress uniform. However, with a little bit of chopping and filing these odd issues can be easily resolved.  Here is the original figure as supplied:

Then the same figure is shown with a few adjustments:


  1. Tumbling Dice Miniatures also produce some compatibly sized figures. Their infantry & artillery types are all in greatcoats (British and Russian), they are nice nonetheless. I have finally taken the plunge and undercoated mine!

  2. I would agree that the Tumbling Dice figures are very nice and they do work well. I used some Russian command figures with my Douglas advancing Russians in caps (under Russian Infantry tab). I found sticking the heads and arms on a bit of a fiddle. It is also a shame that all the British are wearing greatcoats too. I have not looked at the cavalry - are they in winter dress?

    1. I agree the seperate heads can be a bit fiddly but are worth the effort. British cavalry is all in summer dress - I have the lancers and hussars. Russians are in greatcoats again.