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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


20mm Flags by Adolfo Ramos  

In an earlier post there was some discussion about a source of Crimean war flags, having discovered a company in Spain, Adolfo Ramos. I thought I would try some and I found it is possible to order in a variety of scales. I purchased some samples of the 20mm version. They are quite expensive, but are very well produced and with a high quality finish. My picture does not do them justice. It is possible to buy the flags already mounted on a pole with the cords fitted. They are wonderful, but even more expensive.

The biggest concern I have is the size. The 20mm flags in my view are a bit too big for the Douglas Range, but would probably work with the Minifigs S range, which have quite large poles. Anyway here is a picture of three examples of Russian flags next to a Douglas standard bearer and you will see what I mean:

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  1. New to me. Thanks! I probably have the wrong colours with the wrong units. For poles I use the stiff bristles from a yard broom. Mine are just about thin enough to fit the holes on an Airfix German stretcher bearer so not too thin and flimsy.