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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Keeping busy

I haven't posted for a while as I have had little show and have not played any games.  Instead, I have been undertaking several projects.  The biggest has been the creation of scenic tiles to support my 6" hex gaming mat.  This required the usual hills, roads and river sections.  I have been trying to match up the colours to blend in with the mat, using flock.  As can be seen, there is still some way to go:

I have also been completeing some colonial projects, including some Zulu War British infantry and artillery, as well as some irregular cavalry. Here are the cavalry.  They are made up from odds and ends purchased on eBay and the chap with the sword was donated by Bob Black:

 To add to my Zulu army these Irregular Miniatures Zulus have also been completed.  One is dressed in a Royal Artillery uniform jacket, just for a change from the usual scarlet:


  1. Love the scenic tiles…they look great. They’ll be worth the effort. Lovely minis too come to think of it!

    1. Thanks JBM, getting the tiles to blend in with the grassy coloured hex mat has been more challenging than I originally thought, but I think I am getting there.