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Monday, 27 September 2021

Gheap as Chips - Combat Hex

I recently acquired some figures that come from the game 'Combat Hex' .  The figures are part of a game system that includes a set of skirmish rules with fantasy figures being engaged in combat. Each figure is about 40mm high and mounted on a rather bulky plastic base that has all of the information to move and fight the figure printed on it, with some sliding bars to record wounds and action points:

As I understand it the game never really took off and has been overtaken by other rulesets and figures.  This has resulted in a large number of figures being available for sale at very attractive prices. A single fully painted figure can be obtained for well under a £1.

So, I bought some to experiment with them.  I decided to cut off the ugly base and mount the figures on MDF bases. I shall organise the figures to fit in with Command & Colors Ancient rules.

Some good people:

Some bad people:

Some very bad people:

I have got some more coming and will have sufficient for two small armies.


  1. A £1 for a painted figure is a bargain Bob…
    I always remember these as having bendy weapons .but they certainly look the part.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Some were as cheap as 50p. The bedy weapons are annoying, but a dip in boiling water does make them straight again - for a while!

  2. Very nice collection Bob!, Commands and Colors is an interesting idea. Years ago I bought the starter pack for £2, recently I rebased them and managed to snap my knife blade cutting the Ringwraith off his base.
    Show us more when you get them sorted.

    1. Thanks Paul. Do you have any pictures of your rebased figures? I did check your blogs.

      I am working on a unit of heavy infantry with spears, 16 figures. I to have had some moments removing the figures from their bases. Most come away easily but the odd one puts up a fight.

    2. The only one on the blog Bob is the aforementioned Ringwraith who features in a couple of my Oathmark games. I just put them on 2pence pieces and put a bit of flock on, your bases look much better.