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Friday, 29 May 2020

Sudanese Tribesmen

Starting to think about an opposition for my newly created colonial armies I painted a few tribesmen. First off there is a group of rifle armed Mahdists. The figures are by Minifigs and they fit in well with the Barry Minot offerings:

Next up are some gunners, manning a very senior muzzle loading gun. I am not sure what make these figures are, possibly by Foundry?

This chap seems to like like someone we all know!


  1. Relying on very distant memory again I think they are Essex. If you want leaping around Fuzzy Wuzzy don't forget the Peter Gilder range now with Bicorne. Though I don't know what they charge for them nowadays.

  2. The Mahdist forces are Minifigs at there very worst. BTW If you fancy an obscure unit General Gordon in his Journals of the siege of Khartoum speaks of the stressful sound of a Mahdist Gatling Gun firing incessantly. Obviously taken from the Egyptians and worn out quickly but they definitely had one probably with Egyptian crew though they would have been dressed like the other Mahdists. Not a lot of people know that.

    1. That could be fun. Maybe a theme for a game, re-capture/destroy the Gatling Gun!