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Wednesday 4 December 2019

Renovating Ancients 3rd Batch

Continuing to work through these figures, some more Persians, North Africans and Romans.

First off are these repaired Persian medium infantry by Garrison Mniatures:
Next, some Minifigs Persian allies - Egyptian Marines:
The third batch are Minifigs S Range Egytian light infantry, two units:
Minifigs S Range Libyan spearmen (medium infantry):
Finally, some more Minifigs S range Romans, consisting of two medium infantry units and a General, who I think is by Warrior Miniatures?
Still plenty more to do!


  1. I had that general figure, l had forgotten him. I think he is Garrison. The Egyptian marines look like they mean business.

    1. Those Egyptians do look mean, but I keep humming Hi, ho, hi, ho to myself!