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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Airfix MK II Commandos

I have known about these figures for ages, but have never managed to get my hands on a set. However, a couple of weeks back I saw a set of the second edition Airfix 1/76 scale commandos and I acquired them at roughly the same price as a current box of soldiers.

Strangely the box has an image of the original figures on the front:
On the back there are also some original poses, but the officer figure is an image of the the new type, a miniature copy of Airfix 1/32 scale figures:
Inside the box is a set of lovely flash free figures. Some are direct copies of the 1/32 range, but there are some additional new poses.  Here are the figures having had a splash of paint:
Like the original set there are two canoes:
There are also some crawling figures with sten guns and knives, as well as two poses depicted as climbing ladders, but with bren guns - I have not used these either.


  1. I never knew they did a revised set .

    1. Seemingly they were only available for a short time, after which Airfix went back to the original set. Maybe the mould was damaged?

  2. From memory, Matchbox had already released their set and it was far superior. But I have a soft spot for all Airfix Type 1s which were better for handling and converting. The Type 2s may have been more detailed but were flimsy and lost their paint easily. At least in my hands, they did!

  3. I recall buying a box of these and being disappointed they were not type 1s. I was converting them to ACW Zouaves but didn't have enough!