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Monday, 29 October 2018

Opening More Boxes - Medieval Figures

I was reading some of my old wargaming books when I became inspired to have a go at either ancient or medieval gaming.  I have a heap of plastic and some metal ancient figures that I have never organised or played with.  I seem to lose my mojo quite quickly. On the other hand the idea of longbowmen and tin men on horses bashing each other does appeal. Again I have a box of old minifigs knights etc, but these too are not properly organised or based.

I then remembered that lurking in the garage in storage are a mass of 'toy soldier' knights. I was soon amongst the cobwebs and mouse droppings and unearthed a few boxes, I was surprised by what I found - long forgotten men.

Most were painted to some degree and I spent a few hours putting bases on those that weren't - mainly to stop them falling over on the table.

I am about halfway through sorting them out. This is what I have uncovered so far:

These are Timpo and Timpo lookalike knights:
Timpo foot soldiers/knights:
Accurate? French knights on foot:
Britains Deetail archers:
Britains Deetial Knights:
Britains Herald archers:
Turkish light spearmen, by Britians:
Turkish Heavy Infantry:
More Herald archers:
Turkish infantry:
Turkish Cavalry:

Revell? English? foot:

There are quite a few more to unbox. I will show these in my next post.  I am thinking that I have sufficient forces to play a European force against the Turkish hoards.


  1. Bob, your garage is a treasure trove.

    1. I keep finding things that I had long forgotten about. I knew I had lots of Britains figures, but I did not realise that I had painted so many. It has been fun digging them out.

  2. A very colourful collection, what rules will you use with them?

    1. I will most likely make up a set of simple rules in the Featherstone style.

  3. What a brilliant piece of garage based archaeology. Lovely figures,l look forward to seeing them in action.

  4. You've got a loft AND garage treasure trove!!?

  5. You're lucky to have the Herald's, they are hard to get over here.

    For all their many faults, the deetails were cheap(ish) cheery and plentiful. I had great plans for my Turks but only a few got done before I got distracted.

    The Accurate and Revell 100YW were the same figures in different boxes. My friend Rob has a tableful of them which we've used for convention games but being sort of 52mm tall, they didn't fit well with my old Crescent figures which were sort of 56mm as were they new Italeri when they came out and the Prince August molds, maybe one day I'll get back them.....