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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Warrior Miniatures comparison with Minifigs S range

Several people of asked me about using Warrior figures to fill gaps in old Minifigs S Range collections. An area that does need filling are in the Minifigs cavalry ranges, as only the British and French napoleonics had command groups. So, Russian, Austrian Minifigs and several other states have just a limited selection of figures. The same can be said for artillery figures, which were produced, but today are hard to find.

I will start off with infantry, which I feel do not work that well. The Minifigs offerings are more elegent, while the Warrior figures have an exagerated lunging stance; the Warrior figure is on the right:

I think cavalry figures work much better, again Warrior on the right:

It can be seen that the two cavalry figures are about the same size, but the Warrior horse is taller. However; if you put a Warrior figure on a Minifigs horse, the match is very good:
Swapping the horses around, as the left one is a little smaller:
There you have it. I did do some comparisons of Austrian artillery in an earlier post, but could do some side by side shots as above, if that would be useful.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bob...
    Thank you for the comparison pictures... they are very helpful.
    Looking at them I think I would be quite happy having units of each sharing the table...although I wouldn’t mix them together.

    All the best. Aly