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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Peninsular Warriors - French Horse Artillery

These splendid fellows were a real joy to paint and add some mobile heavy metal to my French Peninsular forces. Strictly speaking, these are Guard Horse Artillery; their line brethren wore shakos, however, they will serve well supporting my French cavalry.

This group completes my French artilley, with one horse and three foot batteries:


  1. Great work Bob, you should see if Warrior Miniatures would use some of your photos on their website. They have very few in their gallery and I'm sure they would sell more if people could see how well yours turn out.

  2. Thanks Paul. I have sent the odd picture to John Holt, although had not thought about them being used in his gallery. Mmmm, more sales might put the prices up!

    1. Yes, but he might give you a special discount!.