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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Battle Report - Part 1 - Tchernaya River

As mentioned earlier, my plan was to test out the newly published 'Portable Wargame' rules by Bob Cordrey - although my battle is far from being portable, but it is grid based!

Unlike the actual battle, which saw the Russians doomed from the outset following confused orders and an unprepared assault, I decided to give my Russian force time to deploy and coordinate the attack. The Russian commander decided to attack on the right flank with Read's Corps to force a crossing of the river and tempt the Allies to reinforce that flank. The plan below shows this attack at '1', while an attempt would be made at '2' to drive the Sardinians off Telegraph Hill. Finally, once Read has successfully assaulted the Allied left, Liprandi would assault with his Corps in the centre '3':
The battle kicked off with a Russian artillery barrage in support of Read, whose Corps began to advance towards the river:

As they closed in on the river they began to take casualties from the French infantry and guns on the heights.

Despite this, several Russian Regiments crossed the Tchernaya and assaulted up the slopes on the far bank:

The French counter attacked and after a bloody struggle the Russians were repulsed and driven back across the river, following a charge by French Chasseurs d' Afrique .

However, Russian morale held and Read rallied his troops for a second assault:

This time the already weakened French could not stop the Russians and the dense columns stormed into the allied lines:

Despite several counter attacks the French are forced off the ridge, losing their artillery and cavalry. A regiment of Zouaves fought on valiantly, but were also overwhelmed. The Russians consolidate their gain and swing towards the Allied centre:
Seeing the gains made by Read's Corps, the Russian commander initiates phase three - the assault of the Allied centre by Liprandi's Corps. Liprandi's troops begin to move forward towards the Tractir bridge:

In the background a brisk firefight continues around Telegraph Hill, but so far the Russian fail to dislodge the stubborn Sardinians.

Part two to follow.


  1. The determined and resilient Russians seem to have the upper hand and the ridge at present.

  2. Exciting stuff! I can't wait for Part 2.

  3. Great stuff. I'm so very glad Bob posted a link to your follow, so I can now follow it at my leisure :-)

  4. Looka a great game. Do you remember what the OOBs were? I appreciate it is a while ago now!Thanks